Askham in the winter

I do an annual dip at Askham, its not really a dive and could be done with a snorkel, but I do kit up

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Sometimes......just sometimes

That's right its the end of January and it was time to get all salty again, but was it worth it?

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A timely break in conditions, but my it was a short window of opportunity!

With one thing and another I haven't really had a chance to get salty for a while, the reason being that the vis for shore diving on North East Coast gets very hit and miss come end of October

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Freshwater diving starts, well it has to there was a 7m swell at the weekend!

After a great summer diving at all of my usual haunts it’s time to get back to diving the local waterpark to help clear out rubbish discarded and also help get the site ready for netting in January, this means all large ‘things’ that can snag the bottom of the net to be lifted and taken out.

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Well thats yer whack for 2022 I reckon

It was a bit of a damp squib to end 2022 but its been a memorable old year, but first nuts and bolts from todays dive

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Busy day on Calypso - part two

The second session before lifting Calypso out for the winter was always going to be on a ‘proper’ wreck that you can visualise and is rarely dived, due to boat volume there was no way that I would dive one of my secret squirrel sites so it was up past the Goldstone towards Holy Island to dive on another of my favourites, PS Pegasus, or to give her a Sunday name Paddle Steamer Pegasus!

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Busy day on Calypso - part one

Whilst it wasn’t to clement on the surface what were conditions like in the briny? Well it depended exactly where you were diving!

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