The 'Falls of Lora' a nice dive in sunny weather......

Unfortunately this tends to be in short supply in December!

But despite this in I went just before slack water and after a rather large Norweigan flagged fisheries boat went through the channel, I am glad that we went in after she passed through the Falls but strangely enough there were a group of locals shore diving the site when it went through.......that's right shore diving with no boat cover!

I took along my camera, the G11 complete with manual set-up for macro photography, well that was the plan but the fool that I am the strobe units had nearly flat batteries so I only managed a handful of images, some of which were crap, but there you go.


This is a really nice dive with the right conditions and even though it was a bit dark and vis around the five meter mark it remains a good dive as all surfaces tend to be smothered in sea-life that enjoys a swift flow of water and nutrients. The area where I was dropped was just upstream of the bridge and as the photographs show there were huge amounts of hydroids, anemones and the like and strangley enough on the dive today there were huge numbers of small crabs on the site, green shore crabs, edible crabs, spider crabs, you name it they were there, although as is common with the area despite some great overhangs, cracks and fissures there were no lobsters whatsoever which is rather disappointing.

One of the strange things was that there was no sign of any 'mobile' fish such as pollack or coafish, sure there were plenty of smaller resident fish such as butterfish and leopard goby but no sign of any of the larger fish, it is a popular fishing spot so these fish must be present but none were in my range of vision. I also missed out on any sign of dogfish as I tend to regularly spot these small sharks during my Oban dives but no luck this weekend.

Even on neap tides the tide does start to become problematic after half an hour or so and despite being in a gully I found that it was all a bit 'washing machine' with the tide splitting in the centre of the gully, it's at times like this that experience takes over and I simply dumped all air from my suit, launched a DSMB and started slowly reeling myself up to the surface. There was a short time where I was contained in my own little cocoon of darkness but it wasn't long before I started seeing large barnacle covered rocks or sections of reef zipping along under me.

Now this can 'freak' some people but if you remember that the water passes around the rock and that the big risk is that you are 'pushed' to the surface, however as the dive times and depths are restricted then it's pretty unlikely that you will 'blow' any deco obligation, so simply go with the flow and......

Dive safe


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