SS Breda, a nice way to reach dive 3,900...

Yup that's right three thousand and nine hundred, I hope to reach the big 4K next year if all things are equal, but back to the dive.....

Having raised an eyebrow with shore divers going into the Falls of Lora with no boat cover I got to raise the other eyebrow on SS Breda where a group of divers decided to tie their RIB to the shot and dive with no-one on the boat..........I have left a SIB anchored up but to fasten onto a shot which is tied onto a wreck and hope that the shotline will stay intact is a brave thing to do, so take a bow Edinburgh Uni dive club!

I can honestly say that having been spoiled last weekend with vis around the ten meter mark it was disappointing to have 'only' six meters this weekend, although taken in context it is probably about the average vis for this wreck which due to it's position does tend to be a wee bit silty.

I do like to get ready and get in so once again I was first in, that's another advantge of diving solo, you aren't forever waiting for a buddy who messes about, when Hud is on his game then it is good to dive with him although we do tend to approach things as two solo divers who are diving together, now this can be a bit messy where skippers are 'buddy daft' but as we tend to dive with laid back skippers it isn't such a problem.....come on Hud get some beef off and dive!

Reaching the bottom I decided to have a look see inside the holds and whilst I now have an idea of where to dig I didn't bother today, I was a little chilled after a splash at the Falls of Lora and reckon that a session with my airlift to clear out some of the silt would be time well spent, maybe down with a pair of high pressure 7l tanks and two 10l tanks to use with the airlift would make for an interesting dip.

Anyway, back on the deck there were fewer of the small fish but still several larger Coalfish were mooching about, I guess that these larger fish are residents rather than the shoals of smaller fish which do disappear over the colder months, certainly around the North-East coast these fish tend to appear in late May, almost by magic, on my regular shore haunts.

With nine divers in our party and three guys from the university club the decks were rather congested so I headed back to the bow area to drop over and have a look see in this area but with no signs of anything 'nice' I headed back onto the main deck and up the shotline.

On the subjet of SS Breda it is rather disappointing to hear that some toe-rags have stolen some of the 'trinkets' from Puffin Dive Centre and yup the police are involved so if you are offered or see parts for sale then contact either the police or Mike or both.

So that's all for a weekend diving in Oban, a couple of canny sites, a few 'reasonable photos and the 'lie of the land' checked regards some proper recovery of cargo, all in all a nice end to the year.

Dive safe


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