Well it's a way to bring in the New Year!

With the dive scene slowing down for January and February I always give my kit a free rinse in cold water.......not one of these £20 a day man made holes in the ground, I dive au natural!

Well I guess that I am fortunate that the lake district is only an hour along the A66 but today I was not lake diving, no? I was diving at Askham in the river there picking up the coins that people throw onto one of the large stones that stand up from the river bed. I have been diving here for some years now and have in the past donated the coins to Cumbrian Mountain Rescue, Air Ambulance and a local First Aid scheme so I am not sure where the coins will be going this year but they will be going somewhere for the needy.

There must have been some serious flood and rework as the first thing that I noticed was that the trees on the North bank directly downstream of the bridge were gone, not 'thinned out' but all gone, however looking over the bridge at the peat stained water it was obvious that the dive was 'on' as the flow wasn't excessive and I could see some coins from my vantage point on the bridge.


 These dives don't take long and this was no exception, I guess that after ten minutes I had picked up all of the loose coins and was heading back to the entry/exit point just upstream of the bridge, now every year I threaten to take two tools, firstly my camera as you wouldn't believe the amount of coins that are wedged into the cracks on the bottom of the river and secondly a hammer and fine chisel to remove said coins! Joking apart there must be five to ten kilos of mixed copper and 'silver' coins wedged into the bottom and whilst I accept that many or even most will be out of circulation editions they will still be worth something.

So with the first dive completed I have added a note to my diary to remember the aforementioned implements during my next dive!! 

Dive safe


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