Straight back on the job!

After a prettty horrid dive you always want to get back in as sooon as possible, just to get your head back rather than fester and think about a ghastly climb, so it was that the Nunkie was out on Sunday!

Conditions were much better with a swell of maybe a foot and the water conditions had sorted themselves out nicely, so without further ado the nuts and bolts....

The vis was good at maybe 5m

The temperature was cooooold at 6degC

With the conditions nice I sent him in on the South Side of Beadnell Point with the objective to have a good look around the inland end of the site away from the wreckage of Mistley and close to areas where over the years we have picked up loads and loads of keel pins, maybe something better will turn up in due course however a bag of pins is always welcome!

This dive he went in with a big screwdriver as we have found that weights get jammed into cracks where they are simply too tight to take out with fingers alone but put a screwdriver under one end and out they pop!

The plan was that this would be a short dip as cold water conditions mean two dives per 10l tank and when solo diving both Nunkie and I like having a bit in reserve, just in-case there is an issue in the shallow water. The only issue that you are likely to encounter is a tangle situation with braid and using a knife cutting the offending line would be the work of seconds but in a stressy situation the last thing that you need is a tightening breathing and struggle to cut the braid.......So, our risk assessment is always to keep out of the deep kelp beds unless you have 100bars in the tank and plan to be out with 30bars, plenty of contingency as as I wrote our big issue is fishing line. 

Heading along the reef there were odd fishing weights that were picked and bagged and even here and there signs of life awakening, that is to say 'scrattings' where blue fiends were getting the sand from out of their hidey holes ready to start and actively feed through the summer to have a couple of sheds and grow that bit larger to hopefully be too large for the cod that are about in the summer.

At the deepest part of the dive there was a blue fiend in a summer position, that is to say head out of the hole, but armed with only a large screwdriver it wasn't possible to extract this one, sometimes they can be persuaded to come out and 'look see' if you scratch on top as the males can be very territorial.

The reef has again been disrupted by the winter storms with lots of the large stones turned over and the kelp that grew on top now squashed flat between the stones and the bedrock, this will probably be eaten by sea-urchins as even in the coldest of sea conditions there are sea urchins out and about.

The Nunkie headed back up to the exit point in a bit of a circular root, following kelp beds and picking up odd weights but there wasn't a huge haul at the end of the dive but the total to dat is looking promising!

The weather is looking like it will be more typically 'March' over the next days so I am not expecting to manage any shore dives in the next week or so but that said with much of the crud dropped out of the water maybe the storm that is Freya will not cause as many problems as we thought.......

So, maybe the weather wont be so bad and the diving will be good and if you get out then...........

Dive safe


Weight this dive - 3.1 kg

Weight this year -  33.7 kg

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