Ancient Diver was right, it was black.......

But not absolutely terrible on the South Side of Beadnell Point, if it wasn't for the extensive life I would have imagined I was back at Wraysbury (shudders!)

I shall start with the nuts and bolts, as usual..

The vis was between 2m and 3m depending on depth and surge

The temperature was 8degC, so not too bad

The weather up here at Beadnell has been great so I thought, the sea is bound to be good for a dive and I felt that way until I passed Knacker and then Lady Hole where it looked a bit clarty, infact the vis on the East facing coast was minging, but the prevailing conditions meant that things weren't too bad on the South Side of the Point.

We are in the midlle of some very small tides so depite going in at high tide I didn't have to clamber over the ankle breaking section of the bedrock and quickly was working towards the bottom of the first section of the dive and even picked up odd fishing weights as I went along. At this point in the dive it was obvious that things weren't going to be any better in the deeper waterso I decided to just have a mooch rater than head down and onto the deeper pinnacles which sit maybe fifty meters out from the first load of rocks.

There were quite a few smaller lobsters on the dive and they weren't deep in there holes which I am hoping indicates that the dirt will quickly drop out from the water, none were of any size so they were left unmolested and looking back it is strange but I cannot recall any velvet swimming crabs on the dive, however lurking in-among the kelp roots there were quite a few small spider crabs that blend in so well unless you are diving 'slowly' when you can pick up there movements.

On the dive it is strange for late March, or should that be early April? But I spotted my first fish and it's not unusal that at this time of year it wasn't a Coalfish but rather a bright red male lumpsucker tending a nest full of eggs, he was only in about three meters of water and to be honest whilst this section doesn't dry out at low tides it is rather shallow but offers a single advantage in that it is a sharp step so any breaking waves go straight over the top and the poor beggar only has to cope with backwash! Now I know where he is located I may bring along a camera and try for some photographs in the near future, that is providing the swell is ok in the meantime.

Being a bimble there was quite a bit of small stuff to be spotted and on this dive there were quite a few nudibranchs out and about and as well as the usual and common crispea there were also a few sea-mice and also some sea lemons, it is quite strange but 'close too' the vis wasn't too bad so maybe I could have managed some shots if only I had dragged along a camera.

After just shy of thirty minutes I had seen enough so headed North, slowly up the bedrock to a depth where I could stand up and get my fins off. As an aside I modified my fins and they are now really easy to get on and off, I will do a little article in the next couple of weeks to show this simple and free mod that really does make a huge difference to getting them on and also more importantly off when they appear 'stuck' to your feet.

So there you go another UK shore dive and another very pleasant haf hour, you know it makes sense to get out there and get wet just make sure that you.......

Dive safe


Weight this dive - 2.5 kg 

Weight this year - 36.2 kg


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