Nunkie at Oban - part two, not that good on the Oban side of the bridge!

From the tone of his telephone call he seemed a bit full of it dragging out a big lump of copper, with the afternoon dive planned on the Oban side of the Falls he expected some lost fishing weights........... didn't get any did he?

Well to be fair he got some, with some being four....yup that's right four for a total weight of under a kilo, oh how I smiled, the boot was firmly on the other foot!

Being buddied up again was no hardship, Jim knows what he is doing and from the photos I got this morning I thought, naaaaah, just dive especially as I will sack up with lead, well that didn't happen.

Oh I forgot to mention but the viz is great, must be 8m maybe a touch more, sure it is 'dark' down deep but the torches illuminate targets a good distance away and on these wall type dives you don't get that feeling that there is no sea-bed and you are simply descending into a deep dark bottomless pit, but on this dip we decided to keep at a reasonable depth and have a bit of a bimble.

Not strictly sequential but on this dive I spotted several 'gatherings' of sea-lemons with three, four or five of these quite large nudibranchs overlapping and on-top of each other, in all cases it was in small bowl holes and depressions in the rock so I am guessing that they were spawning as thinking back I didn't spot any of those spirals of nudibranch eggs that you see in early season dives. As I say I was camera-less but Jim managed a few shots so maybe I can bum a few shots?

In a section of the shallower water where there is a light dusting of coarse sand and broken shells there was a complete rim of a large china vessel, I say vessel as it could have been anything from a po to a soup tureen, again Jim got a few photographs.

I always find when diving this particular area that the section of wall just by the viewing point always has a few lost fishing weights but today there was not the usual ten kilo haul, rather there were only four and that is weights and not kilo! I am going to guess that the price of scrap metal means more guys are picking them up (RW Note - alternatively you are blind) as they can be sold back to anglers, weighed in or melted to make dive weights all of which activities will pay for your air fills.

On the fish front there was nothing apart from Butterfish and small scorpionfish but I did however free a small leopard spotted goby from the copper tank that I found on the last dive, strange thing there I never spotted a single one of these gobies in the nooks and holes that they usually inhabit but there was one in the can, I guess that I just wasn't looking hard......well there is no point examining holes around Oban as there are very seldom any blue fiends in residence!

After about forty minutes I had seen enough, lots of pretty scenery in quite good vis, no weights and nothing edible so I decided to call it a day and was gladdened to see one of the fisheries boats (Mingdale?) motoring out from Oban, Shane was busy picking up divers and despite this and the fact that he was flying the A flag the idiot went straight through the Falls of Lora despite one diver still being in the water and VHF protestations from Shane.

It makes my blood boil that 'commercially' certified skippers seem to show little regards for the Rules of the Road, if they had described their actions as those which were acceptable to either a RYA or MCA he would not be granted a licence, oh and it's not just limited to Oban it's quite a common occurence elsewhere!

So make sure you carry a DSMB, use it and dive safe (but you can't plan for idiots!)

RichW and the Nunkie

Weight this dive - 0.7 kg

Weight this year - 50.2kg


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