That's a worrying start to a dive....

I usually have a nice bimble whenever I dive the North Side of Beadnell Point but today was an exception......

But first the nuts and bolts!

The vis was down a bit at about 5m and a tad milky, it has been wishy washy and is getting worse so not unexpected

The temperature was steady 12degC

So why wasn't it a nice bimble? Well because within minutes of starting the dive I found and picked up a recently dumped hand-gun, great stuff. My concern for the rest of the dive was that there would be a body with a hole in it being consumed by the various creepy-crawlies.

On the subject of being consumed I had been chatting to a guy who has been fishing here every day whilst on holiday and he had lost a few weights and caught a few fish but he has also lost a few, well I found one of the fish that he had lost, a cod of maybe three pounds in weight and the poor bugger had been tethered to the kelp with lost kit and then slowly eaten by a pair of spider crabs. Now one of these crabs was the most camouflaged crab that I have ever seen and was entirely covered with a bright yellow sponge, when he put his legs underneath his body he was simply a spong covered rock, amazing!

Continuing the dive there were odd blue fiends including one very aggressive small cock lobster that was doing his damnest to get hold of me and have a bloody good nip! I was looking for lost gear along a shelf and he came storming out of his hole and then jumping up in the water, waving and snapping his claws, had I fancied a fiend for tea it would have been the work of seconds to grab and bag but to be honest it was just amusing and I wish that I had a camera with a video function as it would have made good viewing.

I had half expected that there would be some fish about but the milky vis meant that they were out of sight most of the time, with Saithe coming in and out of vision throughout the dive, the thing is that wishy-washy conditions there is quite a bit of food stirred into the water so the fish don't follow you around like the Pied-Piper of Hamlyn!

The bits and pieces that I picked up were various, lost weights, bits of brass and to be honest I kept checking that nothing was getting snared up in my first find, that said having been in the RNR and completed the amourer course I was relaxed that the safety catch was on, but it is always in the back of your mind that it may have been buggered around with for some reason.

There has been quite a lot of damage to the wreck of Yewglen over the winter and todays dive was pretty much at low water slack and we are heading towards springs so you could see quite a bit of plate and spars that had been thrown up and into the shallow water, it's all just steel and it's post-atomic so absolutely no value but it is strange to see the wreck get more and more bashed up over the years with large sections of plate seemingly dissolving away, okay it isn't, it is pulverised into rust in storms and the rust fragments are washed all over the North Sea in the same storms.

Hopefully the weather will be settled enough for a cheeky quickie in the morning but I have some doubts, otherwise I will have to wait until Tuesday of next week when the forecast seems to show that we should have had a day or so of flat water.

Oh and on a scrap point of view, a short session on South Side of the Point should see me up at 200kg of lead picked up before the end of may, quite an achievement I think!

Dive safe


Weight this dive - 11.6 kg

Weight this year - 194.7 kg

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