Not as eventful as the last dip here.....

Well, I failed to find any firearms, but still a nice dive!

As always the nuts and bolts..... 

Now despite rumours about '10m on Somali' last night the vis was around 4m, which isn't surprising after the recent weather!

Temperature wise it was at 12degC 

This dip I decided to go in mid-way between the culvert and the main entry, mainly because despite wanting to go in further along there were anglers just past the culvert and rather than 'chase em off' I wanted to have them leave as many lead weights as possible to pick up at a later juncture!

The first thing to say is that the topography has really changed, and I mean really changed, with one of the shale pinnacles disappeared, well not so much disappeared but flattened as there is now a large area with tomb-stone size and shape bits of shale spread around. From memory this was one of pinnacles that was very tall, rising maybe four meters from the seabed but it wasn't large and it had vertical sides rather than 'stepped sides' which I guess offer more protection when there is a big sea. Oh well things change that is the way of the world.

Today I was having a good look about for weights and other bits as there really has been a 'bash up' and there are bits of wreckage everywhere, now whilst I know that quite a few parts will be from the remains of SS Mistly, but there are many more wrecks than that and I have spotted three rudder posts from wooden ships and there is a large pile of anchor chain which will have been from another ship. So that is four more wrecks which have thrown up plenty of brass keel pins and I have a feeling in my water that this year I am going to find a whole lot more.

Well I did pick up a few weights and that took the total for the year to over 200kg, nearly half way to my target weight and on track to reclaim much more scrap than I did in the truncated season that was 2018.....

On the aquatic life front there were huge numbers of very small lobbies or 'wiggies' as they are known locally, and I have no idea where they picked up that nick-name. I have often thought that it would be fun to have a marine aquarium with just a couple of small lobsters and see how fast they grow, keeping the shed exoskeletons to show how they grow and more interestingly how much they grow between 'shedding' exoskeletons. I guess that one of the problems is that blue fiends apparently eat 'some' of the shed exoskeleton to injest the 'goodness' and help in forming their new shells.

Anyway, on a fish front I didn't spot any wrasse, although there were loads of saithe about, hence, I guess, the anglers. I must say that they would have better 'sport' using lighter gear but hey its' their choice.

After the recent lot of 'iffy' weather the sea-hare have disappeared from the slope where they seem to spend the early and mid part of summer filling up on the short weed, I am guessing that sensing the change they simply manouvered themselves into cracks and between kelp roots to weather out the swell and they will emerge when things pick up again.

On the subject of sea conditions getting in was easy enough and things are supposed to improve until mid-week, but I must say that when I surfaced to haul myself out I was shocked to be in the middle of a set of big waves and I mean five or six feet things. I was more than a bit worried that it was going to be 'awkward' as I was diving around the top of the tide when exit on the cobbly stuff can be nasty, however after the final big wave the next set of waves were small so I was able to get my fins out and scurry out before the next set of big stuff arrived. 

So in summary a nice dip from the shore which was a pleasant surprise, but that said conditions hadn't got as bad as forecast and roll on my upcoming trip to Babbacombe and I must remember the camera!

Dive safe


Weight this dive - 8.7 kg

Weight this year - 203.4 kg


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