Babbacombe, day four, dive two.....round the pier

I decided to finish the week with a steady dip around the pier before ditching the camera and having a hard swim towards Torquay and then back......just to see what is there you understand

So was it worth it? Well I think that looking round the pier was worthwhile, lots of different blennies and stone oysters on the wall. I was unfortunate that the crystal clear visibility of yesterday had gone and there was a touch of plankton in the water meaning that the fish eye work that I had planned just wasn't right, hey ho.

Babbacombe - 2019 (Pier end)

I am sure that it was a different tom-pot blenny but there was a rather large one close to a kids drop-net where he was worrying the bait before the crabs could get close, again I guess he knew that there was little risk so he was quite happy sitting still for a few moments after gulping down some food for photographs! The other blennies are in holes on the wall and whilst one is quite large and should be easily identified the one which looks a bit 'tom-pot' on reflection probably isn't...time to get the books out!

On the second part of the dive I was having a bimble with the guy that I met last year and it was a planned easy dive, as I wrote earlier heading away from the harbour towards Torquay for a 'while' before heading back and I had my fingers crossed that the octopus would still be in the same area digesting his dinner.

I wasn't disappointed and the large cephalopoda was there digesting, once I pointed him out he was 'go-pro'd' for a while and as per my time taking shots he was quite placid and not at all keen to move at all, I guess like an old boy that had just finished a rather large sunday lunch and just wanting to sit and digest for a while and maybe even snooze?

We ended up having quite a swim and going through a quite narrow crack that formed a swim-thru between two huge rocks that may very well have been part of the bedrock, they are in the area of the large pinnacle which is the last thing you can see from the pier and yup there was a bit of lost fishing tackle from the occasional angler who fishes from the rock but not a huge amount of kit. There was however a single large scallop which was picked up but more in hope than expectation to be dropped later in the dive.

Working back towards rthe end of the pier we had a skirt out and onto the main floor of the bay where the only thing of note was a large barrel jellyfish that was sitting on the bottom, quite strange as I expect to see such an animal in mid-water. Sure you see jellies on the sea-bed later in the season when the smaller ones tend to start dying off and velvet swimmers can get high enough off the bottom to grab the jelly, drag it to the bottom and start eating it. It's quite disconcerting seeing a pulsing moon jelly being slowly eaten alive by two or three crabs but that is nature, red in tooth and claw.

Later in the dive my reg starting slowly dribbling air again, it was sorted for seven or eight dives after a session in the sonic bath so maybe it needs another session. It isn't a huge issue just the occasional small bubble but I do need to do something before I get going again with deeper dives where there will be some deco obligation.....so with that in mind.....

Dive safe


Weight this session - 14.1 kg

Weight this year - 234.5 kg


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