Knacker Hole got bashed about too!

Apparently it was one of 'those' dives......couldn't get parked for the point....couldn't be @rsed to walk to Howick.....oh lets just go in at Knacker Hole then and my has part of it changed!

That's right 'part' of it, but first nuts and bolts!

The vis in the 'open water' was great at about 8m, however closer inshore it dropped to about 5m

The temperature, well I am going to check the computer as I think it is U/S!

This is one of the 'favoured' dive sites at the right time and the right time is close to Neaps and going in just as the flood starts, in these conditions there is a flush of clean water going into the site, you can get in at Black Rock with very little grief and best of all the current will ease you through the gap in the reef and onto the beach in about two meters of water, good and easy and so it was today. 

It is obvious that the Blue Fiends are out in number as there were two strings of pots in Knacker Hole, a set running down both the North and South sides of the gully and as I passed over the set on the South side it was obvious that there were a few lobbies about, strangely I fancied lobster tea and extracted a fiend using a piece of broken rod rest that an angler had lost but it was a bit soft, I should have known as the colours were so vivid but nope, anyway, easily extracted and easily dropped back in hole so no harm done.

Now the observant will note that this is probably the Nunkie bagged a record amount of lead, well it wasn't eyes like the proverbial rat, oh no, there has been a bit of a 'scouring sea' with the area close to what I call the "Prehistoric shore' scoured out with all sand and stones shifted so there is now an expanse of shale/mudstone. And of course the the lost weights of the years were all just sitting there in a largish tosheroon just waiting to be bagged up and added to the heap which is now half-way to our target for 2019. The Ancient Diver reckons that we should have a session at Dunstanburgh castle as this is a very popular spot with anglers and rarely or never dived.

From the fish-life it appears that the roundfish, that's to say Coalfish and Pollack were missing from the site which is a tad strange, maybe they are at the Point where there is more tidal movement to throw up tidbits of food, however whilst they were missing there were lots and lots of flatfish, a mixture of Plaice and Flounder and some reasonable sized specimens with the larger Plaice strangely (or maybe not) inamong the rocky kelpy section of bottom looking I guess to 'mug' shrimps as they go about their usual business in the cracks and crevices. Oh and on the last section of the dive there were a few Greater Sandeels or Launce in the beach area, not a huge shoal but maybe a dozen all very large at about 25cm long. As an aside there are always huge numbers of tiny, immature flatfish on the sand here, most maybe 3cm long and their camouflage is excellent!

It was noticeable how many sea-lemons were out and about, RichW-this is a shock I guess the only reason they get a mention is that they are 'obvious' being white on the dark weed, quite a few appeared to be 'rearing up' in a similar manner to starfish when they are breeding, not sure if they are looking to breed but they did appear to be 'sniffing' the water for something and as most of their lives appears to be face down eating, maybe his lordship can investigate?

It was quite strange that whilst the area described was scoured out there wasn't much rock or crap dumped on the rest of the site, I am guessing that it was dragged out to sea or subject to longshore drift, certainly there has been a large amount of sand dropped on the Haven beach.

As well as shifting the bottom here and knocking aroun the wreckage of Yewglen the recent bad weather also really bashed the kelp about and whilst loads has been thrown up and onto the beach some of the gullys and depressions in the shallower water, that's to say around the four meter mark are also full of weed. What we need to shift this slowly decomposing mass is another bit of an easterly blow, nothing terrible just a short sharp storm with a day or so of two meter waves to shift it out to sea.

Despite this last minor complaint the conditions here are great and set to stay that way for a little while yet, so what are you waiting for?

Dive safe

Nunkie & RichW

Weight this dive - 12.5 kg

Weight this year - 259.8 kg - That's half way to the target! 

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