Occasionally you have a super dive..........

And that was certainly the case tonight at Beadnell Point

As always nuts and bolts...

The vis is great certainly 8m and probably closer to 10m, certainly more than good enough for great shore diving.

At, or around high water slack the dive from the North Side of beadnell Point is great, it's easy to get in and out and with no current pushing over the point you may loose the concentration of baitfish and their predators in the graunchy water but it means that these fish tend to temporarily disperse into the deeper water on the North Side. This means that whilst the feathered predators disperse the finned ones drop into this deeper water and mooch about waiting for the tide to change.

There are also the larger predators to consider, in this case dolphins, which tend to 'follow the tide' up and down the coast but to be honest what they are really doing is following the shoals of salmon and sea-trout which return to streams and rivers up the coast, I have seen them underwater before whilst diving during a dive on the South Side of Beadnell Point in 2017 but never before in the UK, tonight was my second short encounter!

Walking out to the entry point it was apparent that there were a few dolphins about, a small group were milling about about in line with Knacker Hole and whilst i couldn't see what was happening their behavious was the same as they display when they have caught a large salmon or porpoise, that's to say that 'something' was being slapped out from the water. It is quite odd to see just how quickly porpoises disappear when dolphins are in the vicinity, despite the friendly image of dolphins they are voracious predators who frequently kill porpoises which compete for the same food sources.

Without much more consideration I launched myself in and started the dive by heading towards the boiler, which is at the 'sea-end' of my usual dive in about eight meters of water and maybe twenty meters from the face of the Point. Whilst bimbling a lead pair of large dolphins swam past quite slowly about three meters away, obvioulsy looking at me and were followed in short order by a further seven animals with a couple of much smaller calves in the middle of the string of dolphins. They passed by quickly and went over the Point in about three meters of water which will have been great for any casual observers in the area.

With the show over I continued the dive, strangley the larger predatory fish were missing, I guess that despite the dolphins pre-occupation with salmon the saithe, wrasse, pollack and cod simply kept out of the way to prevent being food, a sensible cause of action I would think!

There has been a series of fishing matches over the last few days and with the Point being a popluar spot you always expect to pick up a few weights but it is a double edge sword as along with the lead there are loads of lengths of lost line which need to be cut out and picked up. One thing that always surprises me is just how fast the iron 'eyes' on the lead weights rot through in the water, the competetion was three days ago and already you have to look around the sea-floor where terminal tackle is tangled as the weight has rotted off. After grabbing afew weights and rubbish I headed out from the reef beyond the gut that holds the windlass and that is where the fish were hiding!

The area was absolutely full of saithe, hundreds of large fish, all over thirty centimeters and a few of the larger individulas that were near one meter mark, they were all mooching about not at all keen to leave what is for fish, quite a safe area against dolphins, as it is open at the sea end and bounded on the remaining three sides by reefs that virtually reach the surface and are smothered in kelp so I guess any sign of marauding dolphins and they can into the kelp and then over the reef!

As in all summer dives there were loads of crustaceans and being an evening dive they were all out and about but with the only blue fiends of size being berried hens there was no lobbie in the bag tonight, so I will need to up my game tomorrow when I am going out to the islands!

The weather and conditions are super with the shore having quickly recovered from the sudden influx of fresh water so what are you waiting for?

Dive safe


Weight this dive - 7.5 kg

Weight this year - 296.5 kg

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