Christ, what an end to a dive!

Yes I took my camera but didn't take any photos.........

Nuts and bolts the vis was maybe 7m or thereabouts, very nice thank-you!

The dive was a reasonable idea, red hot day and the sea looked great, infact it was so good that there were swimmers in the old 'harbour section' inside the reef at Knacker Hole, but no way was I going to swim out and then back so with great enthusiasm I set off for my normal 'in' at Black Rock, well I would like to say that I got there but I fell short by about fifty yards and with the sweat pouring I donned my mask and fins and rolled in......bliss!

With the water nice and clear and a blazing sun I tried and managed to get some quite good photographs, a few are my atempted atmospherics... a lobster pot on its end with the rope showing, whilst taking the shot I was thinking man on a scaffold waiting for the trap-door to drop......weeds reaching from the bottom to nearly the surface, only the very ends bent over as the slowly flooding tide was moving only the top ten inches of water....and others, some are nice others, well ok, you can judge yourselves!

Beadnell - Knacker Hole (23/07/19)

Again there were clouds of fish everywhere, I tried to get a photo of a ballan wrasse collecting weed but only got him 'turning', quite strange as usually the large male ballan wrasse are super relaxed, I guess that in the breeding season things get a bid more frenetic!

There were also strange things a-foot in the world of the immature cod, for one thing there were shoals of small codling that were acting as a shoal and were a reasonably uniform colour, however there were also lots of similarly sized fish living a solitary existance darting for holes when spotted. These solitary fish were  different, a more mottle camouflage colouration and it got me wondering if the 'deep water' cod and the inshore 'kelp' cod, are they really different species and should you swap environent will the swap or simply die. Quite an interesting question, in 'freshwater' terms a brown trout is a brown trout but it can decided to run to the ocean and become a sea-trout and vice versa so these fish are very adaptable but to show such different behaviour from such a young age, very interesting.

There was a string of pots running around the site and it looked like they were due to be picked up as most had residents, the first pot that I saw had two lobsters and a rather haunted looking cod that must have squeezed in to try and have a quick feed. In the past i have seen cod that have managed to get in the pot be slowly eaten by the lobsters and the crabs, the tail fin on this one appeared intact so I guess he will end up on a fishermans table sometime! A few of the pots had the fiends trying to escape and on one a lobster had both clwas sticking out through one of the holes, pretty sure that he would be unable to get out and I reckon that his claws will come adrift during the fishing process, hey ho!

I tried to get a few photos of the area that has strangely been scoured out in the bad weather, judging by the amount of 'clean' rock I reckon that in the region of a meter of sand and stone has been swept away and it's strange, or odd that it has gone from a such a relatively small area and there is no apparent good reason why a random section of bottom has gone, judge for yourselves!

Reaching the end of the dive I manged to get a photo in the shallow water of a small shoal of sandeels which were darting around the bladderwrack and I guess happy not to be in deep water....and...then...standing up there was an eastern European lady who was nude sunbathing, legs towads the sea.....I don't know who was most shocked and horrified, her or me!

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