The knack is to find where the Anglers cast

Anglers are a funny breed who will continue to cast into the snaggiest of bottoms, but their loss is my gain!

But first the nuts and bolts....

The vis was distinctly average at 3m and 2m in places in the shallow water

Oh, going back to pre-dive, the current Frau Wright is learning to swim and said that she must get a snorkel....remember that!

What I have found is that anglers, for some reason tend to cast to a patch of rocks, on the far side of the gut, just after the old 'prehistoric shoreline'. Now the rocks don't have any huge overhangs and they are of a size that there are no large voids underneath them so based on that I don't think that they would 'hold' a huge amount of cod, if that was the target I would aim into the middle of the gut where the water is deepest.

However this area is very snaggy and today in a short forty minute dive I found quite a few lost weights and got frustrated with a few that you simply couldn't get at in the cracks between the rocks, grrrrh!

Going back to fish there were lots of small short-finned scorpionfish on the site including one whch had swapped its usual mottled camouflage to a pure brilliant white, I am not sure where it has been sitting to blend in with a pure white bottom but it really stuck out sitting on the reddish-purple dulse! On the micro-species front I haven't spotted any pogge tis year, either inshore or at the Islands and you usually see them from mid-summer onwards, either doggo on the bottom or being eaten by Velvet Swimming Crabs, strangely enough on the Islands in summers past I have regularly seen these crabs holding dead and dying pogge and guess that the fish sits tight until the crab is too close and is then squashed to death or eaten to death (is there such a thing?)

As well as the usual suspects on the flatfish front there were also a few smaller saithe and cod mooching about but, shifting seemlessly, very few blue fiends, the ground looked ideal but I only spotted four and of those only one was of any size, but today I had other things on my mind!

The weights weren't all old and I also picked up quite a bit of lost fishing line but again rather oddly only terminal tackle and not the huge long lengths of mainline which you get on the South Side of Beadnell Point, again a guess but there are no snags between the rocks and the angler so maybe the guys are managing to snap the line near the hook length, alternatively the rocks are covered with all-sorts of coralline amrine growth so perhaps this is damaging or even cutting through the line, who know, but whatever the reason it makes diving a whole lot safer!

I do think that the shorediving up here is on its last legs for the season, not that the life is reducing, sure some of the soft stuff is slowing down, that is to say that nudibranchs are not as prevalent but everything else is pretty much flat out and whilst the water is slowly cooling down as there is a nip in the water now after an hour or so it isn't uncomfortable in a set of o three polars. No the problem is vis!

The sea has been pretty much flat since for three days and the vis simply hasn't picked up to any great extent and I have found that when the settled periods reduce there is never wnough time for the dirt to drop out of the water inshore, sure on the Islands everything is good for a while yet, but out there you don't get the stirred up sand that you see inshore. Historically I have declared shore diving 'done' early October or the end of Seprember and we are getting there.............

Not long now so get out there and enjoy it while you can and.......

Oh before you do that...snorkel....yes heading back to shore I always keep my eyes open and look in the natural 'gutters' where nice things accumulate and today I picked up a brand new snorkel and what a bobby dazzler it is! All the bells and yes a built in whilstle! Gods when I started it was a bent bit of tube with a mouthpiece, this is a sculptered work of art!

Dive safe


Weight this dive - 7.4 kg

Weight this year - 380.5 kg

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