Last Dip of 2019

There has been a bit of a break in the weather, well it's been 'ok' then a bit squally on Christmas Day and now ok and the colours has largely dropped out of the water.......so in I went, at around the bottom of the tide!

I will start with the nuts and bolts....

The vis was around the 3m mark which was ok;

The temperature, well cold, no thermometer as I went in 'light' however after 30 minutes my finger tips were getting cold so judge your self:

The where, well guess for yourselves form the photograph below, okay it's on the slope but hey:-


So once in I thought that I would concentrate on the North side of the gut and half expected the vis to be really poor, you know, the 'where's my fin tips' type poor but no it was ok, the dirt in the water was milky bits so no lumps of macerated sea weed or similar which I find terrible, I would much rather get in with conditions like this than have a 'back-ground' vis of 8m and snot and weed reducing things down to 3m. 

The first thing that struck me was the amount of small sea-hare that had obviously hatched at the back end of the year, they were all a 'skinny little finger' size or smaller and avidly getting stuck into the weeds on the shallower part of the dive, although I am sure that there would be plenty there if I had got to the area where the skeers disappear into the sea-bed in about 12m of water.

If you look at the photo you will see that I took in a bag, more in hope of a few weights than anything else and whilst I did pick up a dozen or so during the dive I was glad I brought the bag along as there were a shocking amount of blue fiends on the site, with most of them mooching about. Now I have previously written that the broken ground in this area looks prime but I had only spotted odd lobbies, well today it was wick with them, and yes it would be impolite so I did scrag a very nice size cock lobster that is bubbling away as I type this article, yum-yum lobster and pasta for tea!

The area where the lobsters 'live' appears to be a load of concreted together rocks, varying from 'head sized' to pieces that are about six feet cubed, judging by the state of the rocks they seem to be pretty solid and there is probably a warren of open space under the crust where the lobsters are safe against most predators with the exception of any cannibalistic larger lobsters and any conger eels that decide to visit, certainly anglers have caught congers here and on the wreck of Yewglen but I haven't seen any, suppose that they are quite shy most of the time.

This site, along with the adjacent Nacker Hole is always very sheltered against anything but a due easterly, so maybe the lobsters know this and hole up there eating whatever is about and waiting until spring to move out onto the more exposed areas? Certainly the fishermen are aware of this and there was a string of pots from very shallow water heading out, yes I looked and even the pot in six feet of water was stuffed with lobsters.

As you would expect at this time of year the fish life was somewhat lacking and the only finned animal that I saw was a small short-spined scorpionfish that I disturbed on a tosheroon of half a dozen weights, incidentally the site has been scoured a tad with the north side having seen a reduction in sand, however there is now a large bar formed in the shallower water so I guess the actual amount of sand is unchanged and the storm which mixed things up has not transported sand any great distance.

On reaching the half hour mark I decided that I had seen enough, nowt so stunning that I wanted to get really chilled so it was time to turn round and go for home! The big advantage at this time of year, for me anyway, is that with the dive time limited to half an hour I can get three dives comfortably from a 10l cylinder so it's a cheap dip.

Fingers crossed that the weather holds for the weekend so that I can start 2020 with a lobster too! 

Dive safe


Weight this dip - 1.6 kg

Weight for 2019 - 502.3 kg

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