Another winter dive job!

With finishing the cannon in record time and the exercise regime progressing nicely I had some time on my hands.....

For years the Ancient Diver had an old fishing rod and mahogany/brass fishing reel on the roof of the cabin, just to try and get some fish when the divers were out and then some scrote stole it!

It wasn't the value of the thing it was more the fact that these old scarborough style fishing reels have virtually nothing to corrode or seize up, you can keep modern fishing reels on the roof but I would only give them a season before they are consigned to the scrap bin and they are pretty expensive......

Yup I decided to make a couple of reels! Material cost was £20 for a lump of mahogany and some brass bar, the round section I already had on the lathe, ditto the PTFE for the washers, what do you reckon? I told one of my mates that they were DSMB reels for the discerning Victorian gentleman aquanaut, not usre that he bought it.........

So I set too and once I turned the reels from wood they were coated with floor oil to give them a bit of protection against the elements and I added a small hole to let me secure the end of the fishing line onto the reel with 'ease' rather than try and tie a knot around the whole drum, which will be a bit of a bugger about I reckon.

Making up the brass holder was a bit of a chew and I needed to have it silver soldered, but it's robust and the additional holes that were drilled and filled with solder should give it plenty of strength, not that they will be subject to more stress than dragging a string of say six mackerel up from the depths!

I was scratching my head about the handle, I know what I wanted but could I as hell find one available on any of the usual sites so I had to decide what to do and finally I thought that fitting a very long brass screw with a bit of PVA to hold it solid and then machine a bit of brass that would fit onto the screw and accomodate the countersunk head. Well that was the though process and ok it's not perfect but I am happy enough with it!

So there you go, either a gentlemans DSMB reel, with a similar finger spool coming soon or something to while away the surface interval in the nice weather. I made a couple so that we can keep one on Mara Mor and one on Calypso.

The weatehr is looking a bit hmmn but I might get out at the weekend if things are delayed ever so slightly so fingers crossed that I will keep damp over the winter period!

Dive safe






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