It only looked like a bit of bilge pipe.....continued

It must have had some leaky hull the Mistley, certainly judging by the amount of lead bilge pipe that I have lifted over the years!

But anyway nuts and bolts......

Prior to my clattering the vis was once again in the 10m range

But and there is always a bit of a but isn't there? Well today the but is that there is a touch of groundswell, not much but a bit and this is probably the pre-curser to the grotty conditions that are due to hit us tomorrow and then continue for a while, well certainly for nearly as long as my 'free' version of magic-seaweed tells me, having just checked the app reckons that the swell drops to 'nowt' on 9th June, lets see and it will take a day or two to settle down after a weeks bashing about.

Today I went in pre-work, hardly a dawn raid but early, that meant no issues parking up and a coolish walk along to the concrete gully to get in, I was diving from about the bottom of the tide so no worries of grotty water coming out from Beadnell Bay today, as an aside I have noticed that the crowds of people who were sunning themselves are not leaving the plastic waste on the beach which gets into the water which is a good thing, that said some are buying buckets and spades then simply ditching, unbroken, at the end of the day, I really don't understand that.

Whilst swimming out to the site there were a noticeable number of 'larger' pollack swimming maybe a foot or so above the kelp beds, obviously keeping station and waiting for anything smaller to pop its head out, again a sign of warmer weather I can't say that I noticed these predators on my last dip and certainly the anglers that I was talking too hadn't caught any but I am always amazed that they catch any as so few seem to float-fish with sandeel or mackerel strip over the top of the kelp where you would be presenting a bait in the area where they hunt and feed.

The slope down to the wreck was carpeted in Sea-Hare with odd stringy egg clusters starting to appear on weeds and rocks, I do hope that the weather doesn't 'mash' all of these nudibranch and eggs, I'm sure that it won't it's just the timing of this poor weather at the start of June is far from ideal.

On reaching the site I set to work using my trusty lump hammer and a new DD development, a wooden and brass 'wafter' that I have been playing around for with a while, this makes scouring out loose bits of crud and sand so much easier than using your hand and with the weighting that I have set up it 'sits up' on the bottom with the handle up in the water. I think it will make 'grubbing' for trinkets on a couple of sites soon much easier!

The upshot of the sand, bits and occasional pulverised worm being wafted into the water was that very soon I had a large shoal of smaller coolish (saithe) in the six to ten inch range darting backwards and forwards looking for any tasties that were thrown up, I think a go-pro type set up just left to run would have made a quite interesting little film.

Despite my stationary position for ten minutes or so there were no crabs or blue fiends that came out of their hidden holes to have a 'look-see', if you do something similar on the Islands you will rapidly have loads of crustaceans come and check you out, I guess it is because a pretty major food source or at least 'bonus shop' will be dead bodies of seals and a diver lying doggo on the bottom has a bit of a look, that's not to say that I would enjoy the experience of crabs chewing me up from one of two orifices!

Oh and as always the small nub or lead that was poking through the sand proved to be quite a lump, the usual happened at the start of operations I gave it a clout with the hammer and another, what I thought was a rock, that was a yard away moved, so not all bad news!

Swimming back up the slope, fully loaded, I reflected that although it had been a working dive it was good to see that the larger pollack have finally landed, oh and in my working I uncovered another chod of scupper pipe so guess where I am off too at lunchtime? Errrrrrrm South Side of Beadnell Point anyone?

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Weight this dive - 30.0 kg

Weight this year - 136.5 kg

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