Chilly, chilly, chilly

Oh and did I say it was a tad cold today at Beadnell?

Because it was and the sea conditions are such that it does look like things may be coming to an end.....yesterday it was flat as a flounders bum-parts but today there was a bit of a swell bashing over the rock ends and some surge too.

But the vis, well it hasn't improved any since the weekend and was around the 2m mark, very milky and with a horrible sharp little surge, only a foot or two but very good and effective in lifting crap from the bottom. Now I know that it is due to ease off again but will it ease off long enough to allow the milk to drop out from the water? I think not, but hope so!

I totally messed up my timings today and stood there at Knacker Hole kitting up it was top of the tide, so no walk out swim back making it a lazy mans dive, no it was time to fin out......mooch.....fin back, something that I haven't done at this site for a long, long time but with conditions on the Point just too 'yuk' it was really my only option as I didn't fancy the walk of shame, knee deep in water over bladderwrack covered rocks at Lady Hole.

This time of year all of the mobile life seems to move out to deeper water which means the only fish that I saw was a solitary blenny in very shallow water which made me curse not bringing along a camera as it had decided that there was enough milkiness in the water to go 'a-hunting' and then I saw it, bugger!

Now that is not to say that all mobile life was missing, no indeed, and for the entire dive I was 'picked at' by a young seal that decided that it would pull at my fins and then move out of range time and again. After the first few goes I knew exactly what it was but was still a little surprised when it followed me through the gap in the reef and when I stood up in about four feet of water to take my fins off it pooped its head up about six yards away to look quizzically at me, but by that time I was getting a touch cold to play so it swam away and continued to look at me all the way out through the gap. In retrospect I got away quite lightly as seals on the island have been known to grab bits of kit and zoom off, maybe they are making a diver, and of he had been close then he could have easily stolen a fin and then off.

I had seen a boat drop a string of pots into the site on Saturday and they were still there when I was mooching about and the inshore leg proved very useful in pulling myself along the string to speed up getting out of the water! As I used the ropes you can probably guess that I passed two pots, both of which had quite a few lobsters inside although I suspect that the sizes were a bit marginal, I am sure that the potting boat will sort this out when they come back to lift them.

With an absence of fish I can certainly say that the crustacea were out in force, lobsters, small edible crabs, velvet swimmers and of course the vast carpets of hermit crabs that seem to be engaged in a permanent low-level squabble with each other. I do think that in warmer weather it would be interesting to stake down a mackerel frame or similar then set up a video camera to record an hour of these little terrors fighting each other and the bones to maximise the amount of food they they got, this may be a summer project as it would make interesting viewing and I am sure that there are bits that could be put to music for comedic value!

Well thats it, not sure what else I can usefully add, a steady dip made interesting by the presence of a seal but by gods it was chilly!

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