First salty dip of 2021

The weather up here has been ghastly so with the weather 'settled' I had a look at the conditions and took the plunge!

And what were conditions like you ask? Well 'horrible' to be honest, despite the topside being flat as the proverbial the nuts and bolts tell us that:

Vis was a very milky 1m, maybe 2m in places, and

The temperature was damned cold!

So where did I go? Well on the South Side of Beadnell Point as its a nice easy walk and in, or at least it should have been but I was aiming to breathe down a pair of hi-pressure 7l tanks so I was carrying a bit more weight than usual and of course there was the perennial problem......

All divers of a certain age know about it, symptoms include neoprene shrinkage and the need for additional weight and today was no different so after struggling into my suit I suspected I would need a kilo or two but there was no way I would carry that on top of everything else so the first few minutes were spent selecting a couple of nice size stones to drop into my thigh pockets and with weighting sorted it was time for a scrat.

And a scrat it was, with the visibility horrible and weather cold the only life I saw comprised of a few nudibranchs! I had thought that there would be blue fiends about, certainly the south side was festooned with pay buoys and floating rope and that made me think but the milky conditions usually mean that the lobsters stay nice and tucked up in their hidden holes.

The only thing that you could do was grub for weights and to be honest I couldn't be bothered as the weighting was all over the place, so having picked up half a dozen I headed out, happy to have 'gotten wet' for the start of the new season!

Things may improve as the topside conditions appear settled next week so the vis may be closer to 2m, maybe 3m in places, only time will tell but I tend to find that it takes time for the fine milky particles to drop out of the water column.

So dive safe and best of British for 2021


Weight this dive - 1.8 kg

Weight this year - 1.8 kg

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