Beadnell shore dives in January, you sick and twisted boy!

Well it looked quite promising when I gawked over Seahouses Harbour, 'cor there must be two meters vis there', the truth was different............

I decided to go in from the South Side of Beadnell Point as the promised swell was building up, on reflection I should have accepted the walk and gone in from the Powerhouse at Seahouses but I didn't.

When walking down towards the water I thought, looks 'alright'

When I got in the water I thought 'hmmmmn'

When I got fins on and away I thought 'yuk'

The vis, such that it was, was enough to see my fingers and that was it so 1m or thereabouts

My weakness is that once in I do tend to have a dive, even when its crap, I convince myself that once I get out of the kelp beds and down the slope it will get better but quite often it doesn't and today it didn't!

The distance from entry to the first reef should you enter the site at the path is around twenty yards and having covered that distance I only became aware of the reef due to the impending darkness, so it was a sigh and then mooch up towards the kelp beds as you only need to be able to see your fingers to look for lost fishing weights!

The kelp has certainly been thinned out significantly and the weed which normally covers the stone slop has also been largely washed away, again no big surprises as the piles of kelp on the beach have been several feet high, but it was nice to confirm that a large portion was ripped from the Point, which will make weight grubbing that much easier when the season starts 'properly'.

As you may expect with such shocking vis the only wildlife that I saw was the type that didn't move very quickly, so a few sea-urchins and surprisingly two species of nudibranch, just one flabellina with its coat of purple tipped 'points' and loads of the small clear and yellow polycera.

Having worked through the kelp I decided that half an hour was 'enough' in the conditions and headed back towards the exit point, musing as you do.

And the muse today was that I have paid, many times to dive in muddy holes in the ground close to Heathrow and Leicester when instructing and only grumbled whereas today I had a 'real dive' in salty water with 'typical' conditions for some inland sites and come away with a sack of scrap, so really nowt to complain about.

The weather is forecast to be up n down for the next 'while' so I fear that any salty dip will be on Scotlands West Cost, certainly I hope to make a galloping visit to scrag some scallops in the near future. But should conditions up here in Gods Country improve I shall let you all know.

Now wherever you dive pleeeeeeeease.........

Dive safe


Weight this dive - 8.5 kg

Weight this year - 16.5 kg

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