Babbacombe.....end of break round up!

That's my whack, four days and six dips at Babbacombe, time to pack up and away North to Gods Country

It's been a good few dives, with some lead scrap picked up, loads of line and hooks removed from the area in-front of the break-water, a one hundred year old bottle found and four 'special offer' rocks from Teign diving centre found and taken out!

First the rocks............Teign diving centre are having a bit of a Jubilee Jamboree and have placed a few decorated rocks around Babbacombe Bay with the chance to get a Jubilee present, on checking it was air-fills so I handed a couple of rocks out to divers who were local and will put some of the others on sites around the Farne Islands, that will cause some confusion, so have a look see what they look like and keep an eye open!

Now the bottle, an odd one this, again there is a photograph. I was working up and down the rocky slope on the 'Torquay' side of Babbacombe breakwater, looking for macro-subjects in what was quite poor vis at around three meters when I saw a circular something covered in coralline growth. It was among the smaller fist size stones so my reaction was 'broken glass, get it out', however it wasn't broken it was an intact bottle. I have spent some time cleaning out the innards which were unsurprisingly filled with stinking sand and its a lovely little trinket, old, heavy glass from a brewery that closed in 1925. It appears that the guy who owns the hotel we stay at is always very interested in local history and things with a local history found locally. The hotel staff dropped him an email and lets see, I may manage to ponce a meal next year!

As I mentioned last article there are loads of mackerel about, after I told the local feather-hoyers what to do they were getting multi hook-ups every cast, it's not difficult to think about how the fish are behaving and change your approach accordingly, they don't have eye-lids and when its bright sun-light go deeper! This meant that there were less rigs on the rock slope as people were casting a long way out and then reeling in quickly after the feathers hit the bottom with fish. 

Babbacombe - 2022

Anyhow this information to the anglers meant that not only were they happy catching fish but I was able to dive the area in-front of the pier without the chance of being hooked up by fishermen! I had a major clean-up in this area and collected two carrier bags full of lost line with associated rusty hooks and some lead weights, sadly there were lots of crustaceans which were dead having been tangled up in the line over the last weeks. This will be the situation at every breakwater or pier around the UK which isn't on sand so I would urge divers to go and do a bit over a couple of dips to remove the line and minimise ghost fishing around our coastline.

So yes, a great few days, for me one of the objectives was getting back to manually setting up my camera rather than using Auto mode and I think that anyone looking at the photos will agree that they are ok, sure not magazine quality but ok bearing in mind that the vis wasn't super and it was a tad wishy washy.

Next year I hope that things are back to normal so I can get some cuttle shots and remove more scrappage which is surely there underneath the green weed. Sure most of the line I recovered close to the pier had no weight attached as the steel eyes had rusted through meaning that they are there just waiting for the weed to go!

Dive safe


Weight this dive - 5.2 kg

Weight this year - 402.8 kg

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