The Red Hand Gang

Otherwise known as 'I must have been mad ten years ago diving with no gloves or hood'......

During my many dives at Askham I had seen that some of the deep cracks in the solid limestone riverbed were jammed full of coins, in fact so jammed that the coins were immovable.

Well when I say immovable I mean that you can't move them with hands, or pliers but I thought that a small hammer and a 'chasing chisel' might just do the job, it did!

Many moons ago I used to dive without hood or gloves, I remember one particular dive at a very chilly Vobster Quay getting out and my head and hands steaming! Since then I have started wearing a hood and gloves......then dry gloves, what a wuss!

So today was a bit of a blast from the past, it is really hard to work tools with gloved hands, especially when you are picking up small coins in between 'wallops', the cold temperature meant that I didn't last so long as you can see from the photo!

I will return in the summer for more chopping and pulling, coins that are legal will go to charity the rest will go to my pot of gash coins.

It's still cold, or bloody cold in freshwater but the sea up here in Gods country is clarity so good luck trying to get wet and whatever you do please.....

Dive safe


Weight this dive - 1.0 kg

Weight this year - 184.3 kg

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