These guides are published only after I have done a number of dives so feel reasonably confident in telling you a little about the sites.

These are meant to act as a guide and not a gospel so please if you don't see octopus in an area don't blame me!!!

So feel free to download and comment as you see fit!

Boat dives around Dunstanburgh Castle

This isn't a popular area either for shore dives.....bloomin' long walks or indeed boat dives......'wrong way' in relation to the Farne Islands. However the wall at the Point is a nice dive and whilst the harbour is more of a shallow shore dive there may be the chance of spotting something under the rocks which now fill the site.

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Low Newton and Embleton Reef

An area which isn't dived as much now as it was back in the 80's but still a nice area to dive with a little 'rust' for those among us who must dive on wreckage. The main problem with the sites are long walks and it's a long way to take a RIB if you are diving the Farne Islands and have launched at either Beadnell or Seahouses.

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SS Thesis re-visited

Although the original guide for this wreck is contained in the general overview guide it has really changed beyond belief and as such I have produced a new guide which is much more relevant.

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Ten UK dives you might just manage

I wrote this article following on from the social media lists of 'must do' dives, I hope you enjoy reading it and look forward to your feedback on your favourite UK dives!

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Farne Island Guide - Part IV


Crumstone (Outer)
Snowdonia (Snowden)
The Callers (SS Britannia)
Longstone North End (SS Loch Leven)

This guide is number four in the series and concentrates on the dive
sites rather than cover the generalities covered in Guide I.

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Gallanach Bay at Puffin Dive Centre

Another popular site for shore divers most popular with new divers, people 'playing' with new equipment and of course those who have travelled up from England and want a dive and want one now!

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Howtown Pier and Bottle Bank

A second free freshwater dive site. I do dislike having to pay upwards of a tenner to dive in a mucky hole in the ground much preferring a free dive somewhere a little off the beaten track and using the cash I save to finance the air and a Little Chef breakfast, oh and not all free sites are desolate you have the chance of ebay goods and tourist trash at this site.

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