These guides are published only after I have done a number of dives so feel reasonably confident in telling you a little about the sites.

These are meant to act as a guide and not a gospel so please if you don't see octopus in an area don't blame me!!!

So feel free to download and comment as you see fit!

Lochaline Wall Dive

This dive is a favourite with both the tech diving community and recreational divers as its a sheer wall from the surface down to 100m, it's a great dive but if your buoyancy control isn't spot on then try a shore dive up the Sound of Mull a little from the small free car park.

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St Abbs Harbour Shore Dives

Some dive guides break this particular site into several dives including the ‘famous’ Cathedral Arch, Big Green Carr, Little Green Carr, Broad Craig, Scotts Rock among others. Rather than split up the guide, I have decided to lump the dives together and let the reader decide what he or she wants to do when they dive.

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A brief overview of UK boat diving

This presentation was pulled together to give a brief overview of UK boat diving, everything isn't always as easy as PADI try to present so a colleague and myself decided to let people know what to expect before diving in the UK.

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Guide to Popular Wrecks around Oban and the Sound of Mull

SS Thesis
SS Shuna
SS Rondo
SS Hispania
SS Breda

This is not meant to be a definitive dive-guide to the area as I believe that my dive experience on the sites is not truly comprehensive, so for detail dive-planning and dive-details I would suggest that the reader use guides produced by local authorities.

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Farne Island Guide - Part III

North Wamses into Piper Gut
North Wamses
Southern End of Longstone
Northern Hares

This guide is number three in the series and concentrates on the dive sites rather than cover the generalities covered in Guide I. I have recently added another dive to this guide.

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SS Coryton

This is a nice 'second dive' or even a third dive if you have sufficient air leftover, if the weather has been settled and you want a nice easy dive with a possibility of some nice photos then this could be the dive for you.

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Howick and Submarine G11

This shore dive offers the chance of a dive on the remains of a WWI submarine but beware it does involve a bit of a yomp with your dive gear, is it worth it? Well the guide is listed so I must think so.

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