These guides are published only after I have done a number of dives so feel reasonably confident in telling you a little about the sites.

These are meant to act as a guide and not a gospel so please if you don't see octopus in an area don't blame me!!!

So feel free to download and comment as you see fit!

Farne Island Guide - General Overview and Part 1

Pinnacles and St Andre
Big Harcar
Little Harcar
Blue Caps
The Hopper

This guide, as the first in the series contains some general information as well as five specific dive guides. 

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North of the point and SS Yewglen at Beadnell

Be aware its a long walk and the wreck is all plates and spars. Treat it like a reef and you wont be disappointed!

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SS James Egan Layne

Yet another deep south dive guide, this is a real wreck that is often dived in conjunction with HMS Scylla. This wreck is pretty much 'ship-shaped' and you can swim from bow to the detached stern and make out relevant shippy type bits where they should be, a great dive for the photographer with plenty of live subjects and some stunning bits of wreckage.

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