Hydrotac stick on bi-focal lens

Age will weary and mean changes to gear configuration.........the first being a loss of close up vision!

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Santi BZ400X 'Extreme' thermal undersuit

I must be getting soft in my old age....five years ago no hood or gloves at any time of the year, then I started with a hood, then gloves, then dry gloves and now this a new undersuit as the 4th Element kit doesn't seem to be 'cutting it' in the winter!

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Otter Britannic Superskin Drysuit

What with one thing and another I am looking at changing from a neoprene to membrane drysuit, I am hoping that a more pliable suit makes manouvering with my 'aging' back a tad easier, so where to go? After some investigation and talking with other divers it was time for a trip to Bradford!

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Air-Lift for budding treasure hunters

A bit of an odd-ball...........I guess that this is more a review of instructions more than the air-lift that I made.

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Kubi dry glove system

I do feel that having been diving for more than 30 years I am due some luxuries in my dotage to make leaping, or should that be rolling, into the cold North Sea slightly more pleasurable.

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3D Mesh Vest by Waterproof

Another item of thermal wear for dry-suit users but how does it compare to gear already on the market?

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Big Blue AL1000XWP dual set up for Go-Pro

With the popularity of the go-pro set-up it was inevitable that 'specialist' set ups have been developed, but how well has this one been developed?

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