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Dorset seemed such a good idea, oh and MV Danio update!

It seemed a no brainer a week in Dorset near Lulworth, Swanage and Weymouth....surely the conditions would be good and I could swing some dives?

Well yes......and no! The conditions looked great, flat calm with really good vis as a trip to Swanage pier demonstrated however it was not to be as a head-cold ruled out any diving as I would be unable to equalise or even worse would have problems ascending at the end of the dive.

That was bad, but worse was to come.....whilst being driven to a small bay with beach cafe and dog walking, along a single, private track my driver had a rush of blood and despite me being twisted around we hit a sleeping policeman....HARD, when apologising we hit a second.....equally as hard. It's safe to say that it's the first time there have been tears in my eyes for quite a while.

Travelling north was, well it was an experience, so I decided that a trip to the Out of Hours medical unit was in order. The doctor was great, 'it's all tense' he said, 'it's all swollen' he commented 'take ibuprofen and come back on sunday'.

So I did, to be informed prolapsed disc take some of these! 'Some of these' turned out to be horse tablets which basically stop me from doing everything so no more shore dives this season and I think that boat diving will be rather limited until things calm down, bugger!

I had planned a trip to St Abbs, well that's not going to happen so I will concentrate on two dive guides which are currently WIP and my new 'book'.

Right, onto the saga of MV Danio, you may remember that this vessel ran up onto Big Harcar at the start of the season, the crew refused to come off the vessel which was eventually floated off and we all breathed a big sigh of relief.

Well the inquiry is now well underway and my random thoughts were accurate, it was human error with the crew simply setting a direct course and not taking any account of the Farne Islands, the phrase bloody fools springs to mind! I hesitate to use the term idiots, they stayed onboard the vessel, if they had stepped ashore I fear that they would have been arrested and they knew it.

If you are reading this in the UK, I know that there are quite a few browsers overseas, I would recommend the latest episode of 'Who do you think you are' starring the well known Sarah Millican (spot the sarcasm but I guess she hasn't heard of me!). It appears that her antecendents included some of the first commercial divers based on Holy Island and my mate Ron discusses the wreck of SS Pegasus, the worst disaster of the time on the programme, well worth a watch.

As a last link.......Pegasus was owned by the company that owned Forfarshire........Forfarshire ran up onto Big Harcar.......Big Harcar is where MV Danio ran aground!

I can't but you can......dive safe!


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