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I was half right about the Farnes 'Apex Predator'

Regular readers may remember that I have often said that I believe that sharks do visit the Farne Islands to visit the giant larder that is the grey seal colony, well I am right! or at least half right.....

I have often said that with 6,000 seals living on and around the farne islands it would be inconcievable that there weren't some big animals eating them. I thought and still think that we will, one day, have visits by Great Whites, if this doesn't already happen. 

Now there has been a stranding at Embleton, not a Great White but an 8ft Greenland Shark, a species that has a track record of ambushing seals around the Atlantic Coast of Canada, with extensive research carried out at Sable Island.

I have attached a photo showing the dead shark but for full details go to Sovereign Diving and then to Andrews Blog.

The shark was taken away for checks at Newcastle, so maybe sometime we will find out why it died and if it was eating seals.

The Greenland Shark has a very 'odd-ball' set of dentation which leave large spiral wounds on their victims, these wounds have been seen on dead seals around the Farnes in the past but have been put down to ducted propellors which are used on larger vessels to aid stability and manouvrability, maybe some have been sharks?

One in depth study conducted by Sea Mammal Research Unit back in 2010 concluded that there was no evidence of Greenland Sharks in UK waters, well I guess that they will have to rethink a little and examine evidence from the Farnes.

In general there is no need to panic dear diver as there are no reports of Greenland Sharks attacking divers and evidence is that they take sleeping seals rather than target seals swimming on the surface........but if you are lying on the bottom, concentrating on taking a special photograph then just think what you look like!

Dive Safe!!!!



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