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As I have commented I am in the middle of a bit a major research job and with a bit of spare time on my hands until the 25th when I'll be busy again I have been delving into various sources. The first of which may shed light on the 'Gun Rock Wreck'

The wreck at Gun Rock on the Farne Islands is a bit of a mystery, with one school of thought being that it was a ship from the Spanish Armada (unlikely) and the other being that it is a Dutchman lost during the Anglo Dutch wars when Britain was a republic.

On checking some sources it seems that the threat of Dutch action was taken very seriously in the North East and.....

In the 1670's there was need of further defensive reinforcement of Lindisfarne during the Dutch Wars and in 1675 a second small fort, described as a 'Platforme and Redoute', was built and the East or Steel End of the Heugh. It was designed and built by Daniel Collingwood and Robert Trollope; with Trollope being a northern architect of some note, being responsible also for the Guildhall in York.

This secondary fort at Lindisfarne was designed to command the harbour more closely than the existing fort at Beblowe and comprised of a diamond shaped walled emclosure with three gunnery turrets, placed on an outer crennalated platform with a central tower several stories high.......

Not much remains of this fort other small walls but its presence and the fact that there were two forts protecting the anchorage suggests that the area had seen activity by the Dutch, probably just small scale nuisance raiding of the fishing fleet. The same type of activity which was practised right up to world war one when the Kaiser sent his U-boats to disrupt cod fishing on the Grand Banks off the North American coast.

So there you have it, more circumstantial evidence that the Dutch were causing disruption and mischief of a level that justified a second fort and obviously the soldiers to man it.

Oh the other interesting point to drop out of the research is that the lost flotilla that I am looking at could have comprised of anything between 8 and 1 ship, but the cargo is not under any question. I suppose my next step will be to look at the carrying capacity of ships which could use the harbour and do some maths.......Its never easy but I will get there in the end!

With the sea conditions being 'orrid I wish all of you quarry-men good luck and......

Dive Safe!


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