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It's getting close.......

That's the first 'sea' dive of 2014 for those who don't know........despite the southern half of the UK being battered by storms it's been remarkably quiet up North

Although someone 'up-there' forgot to tell that to the squid! A bit off-the-wall you might think but during my regular beach walk at Beadnell I came across several 'nearly dead' squid which were washed up on the beach, at first I thought that they were just lumps of kelp 'stalk' and only when one fought back when the spaniel started to dine out on calamari did I realise that there were 'squid on the beach'.

IMG 5845

Calamari al sand

These animals were about 25cm to 30cm long in the state shown in the photo, that's to say the arms not extended and were all pretty bashed up. I am guessing that they had spawned out and were in the process of dying. I have seen cuttlefish before up here in the frozen north but never squid, well you live and learn.

As part of the walk I was impressed that the sea had significantly cleared, for sure inshore it was 'chocolate' but looking about 200m off-shore the water looked 'blue' and quite inviting, with my next dive planned for 9th March on SS Shadwan up at Eyemouth it may be a 'good un'. I also reckon that given another week to ten days of settled weather the vis amy have cleared sufficiently for a shore dive looking for 'lead'. Now before you all complain I am more than happy to go scrappin' in 2m of vis so don't drive up here expecting 8m vis in blue water complete with dolphins and whalesharks.

One part of the winter routine that I heartily dislike is the gear servicing, or at least the costs and indeed on occasion the costs, however I am sure that you agree the service costs on my full face mask should be low.......

IMG 5837

The problem that I do have is that some service facilities seem incapable of setting up regs and for that reason I do tend to wait far too long before getting a service, I have been victim of the permanently bleeding reg, you know the type of thing a steady bubbling, not enough to immediately cause you to abort a shallow dip but a pain, then does the servicer apologise, not on your life! It was all within tolerance, blah, blah and they have tweaked it so breathing may be a little harder.

However, all is not lost I have found that the servicing from Waterfront Scuba is simply first class! As a starter you can look at their workshop and its tidy, with all the specialist tools you may need and calibrated pressure gauges. They hold a huge amount of spares in identified locations and when you get your kit back you receive the 'exchanged bits', in common with other facilities, but you also get a service record sheet complete with a list of what was done, any minor faults and also the interstage pressures and all at a very reasonable price!

With time running out to get your bits n pieces sorted give Andy a bell on 01708 227122, he will sort you out with a service second to none and a t a very easonable price.

Well, that's my lot for the week, I hope to get wet soon but until then I will say......

Get your kit together so that you can 'dive safe'!!


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