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Northumberland in the Sun

Yes indeed, it was sunny up in Northumberland but the diving was pulled as the weather forecast was atrocious.......

But it was bloody wrong, typical windguru! I zipped up to Eyemouth to see if the guys from Marine Quest were about but no luck, at St Abbs there were a couple of RIBS ferrying divers and the reported vis was 6m, it certainly looked very clear around the harbour and the conditions would have allowed a shore dive but I hadn't brought my open circuit gear.

With time to kill I went on a 'sightseeing trip' to the Farnes, just to see what the conditions were like, Toby wasn't running this trip and it was his elder brother Andrew that was skipper for the trip.

Inshore the water is still brown and clarty so no chance of shore diving in the very near future, but once you got out a few hundred yards it was green and by the time we got to the outer islands it looked quite nice. The guys from Sovereign haven't been out yet but they have been talking to some of the RIB divers who report vis at around the 5m mark. They have said that there are some patches of plankton but in general the vis was good, well you could imagine that fired my enthusiasm.

Looking back I see that last year the on-shore vis went from 'orrid and 2m to 5m overnight, and when I say overnight I mean the Friday it was 2m and the saturday it was 5m and just got better as the summer progressed. I am hoping that the next week, which is forecast, there's that bloody word, to be flat means that the colour drops out and when I am back from a 'Plymouth adventure' it will be worth looking to see if the lead weight fairy has visited.

On the subject of the lead weight fairy I haven't lost my scrapping skills.......whilst bimbling on the small beach at seahouses harbour I found a lead weight inamong the pebbles, well another 6 ounces for the scrap sack I think!

So that's it, nowt else to say. The diving could have gone ahead but the Marine Quest guys, in common with too few charter companies, pulled the dives rather than have guys wasting time and fuel travelling to be told that the conditions are too bad when you arrive (are you listening certain RIB charters?) It's a bit of a bummer when the forecast is wrong but hey ho!

I have a trip to Plymouth this weekend so that will be interesting, apart from that nothing new to report, so wherever you dive, make sure that you.....

Dive safe!!!

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