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'Strange things' on your dry-suit!

It was after a dive on Big Harcar that I thought, 'there are quite a few beasties attach themselves during a pretty typical dive'........

The particular beastie that prompted this random missive was a tiny little lump-sucker, obviously spawned this year, that was maybe two inches long, it was attached to a cylinder and I hope 'made it' when I threw it back. It was bonny little fish and it did make you think that a UK saltwater aquarium could be very colourful with Dahlia anemones, squat lobsters, common lobsters some of the more 'mad' blennies..........

Anyway I digress, over the years I have found all manner of beasties and bugs, its quite common to find commensal crabs inside scallops, all of their lives they have been happily living inside its mantle and then a diver comes along and picks them up! These are quite common in the larger scallops and I have tried to 'see' them in-situ and get a photograph but they must be well hidden away as so far I have never spotted one and it's only when you are preparing the scallop that they drop out....maybe they can't get out as they are too large and they are effectively prisoners?

I also found that on certain wrecks, mainly in the deep south, you would end the dive virtually coated in small sand-hopper size shrimpy bugs, now I know that on wreck dives I spend a fair amount of time grubbing about under plates and the like so I will 'pick up' stuff but I would have thought an extended spell of deco would encourage these little critters to fall off, it doesn't and you end up in the boat coated.

Another odd-ball that I have only noticed this year is a small variety of crab, not sure which at the moment, they are odd little beggars, no larger than a pea and with one claw much larger than the other. Now I am sure that they have always been about but this year I have found half a dozen in my kit so far. Now the unfair among you would say that it's about time that I cleaned and maintained my gear and they have always been there but honestly I haven't seen them before this year!


Spending a large portion of my life 'inverted in kelp' I do tend to pick up a large amount of starfish, typically 'Bloody Henry', however the molluscs do not hang on...........nothing novel but more critters!

And finally, the funniest beastie was a rather large remora that attached itself during a dive trip to Fiji, looking back it was amusing but on exiting onto the boat it was a touch worrying......was there a large shark hanging around san remora?

What-ever attaches itself to your suit please make sure that you......

Dive safe!


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