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Waiting for the weather.....

It's been a bit 'iffy' recently so I thought a random 'whats-up' note might be in order to keep my regular readers in the loop.....

As suspected after my 'New Years Day Dip' the shore diving has been wiped out although there are signs that it is improving....at the weekend the water at the beach was 'orrid, maybe a vis of 1m but looking out to sea from the top of the dunes there appeared to be a line where there was 'clear water' maybe 400m out. I am hoping that this inshore colour is a combination of dirt dropping out of the water and plankton bloom. Fingers crossed I normally manage a few shore dives before the Easter break (Oban this year!), boat diving? The vis has been fine your only problem is finding an operator unless of course you are in a 'large' group.

Once out of this 'clarty water' the vis has been good with the last mob who dived on the farnes reporting about 6m which is quite good for this time of year, for sure it's a wee bit nippy but good vis does tend to take your mind off the issue of freezing extremities.....

I once again have a permanent base at Beadnell, so anyone want a dip in the summer give me a shout! This will also allow another upgrade to the duo-divers web-site. The software bod and I will be looking at inserting a page giving the latest visibility and temperature for both shore and boat dives, along with a 'good-bad' forecast. Setting up such a page will be easy it will be the updating and somehow linking to either windguru or magic seaweed that will prove more of a technical challenge. I want the page to include dates for the last readings, a bit of historical detail and a short term forecast, maybe one week maximum. It doesn't seem beyond the wit of man so we shall see.

This weekend I am diving Plymouth and hopefully Babbacomb and I was a little surprised at the variance of wind and wave given by the various forecasting sites, on saturday they were forecasting 3.7m swell on Thursday and now they are saying a steady 0.9m for most of the week. I know that it is not an exact science but it would be interesting to get more details on how the details are derived. I did laugh a couple of weeks ago when windguru had a note on their site that the forecasts weren't accurate and they knew and were hoping to improve the 'new software'. These sites are free and holding them to account for any cancelled plans isn't really on, I guess that they were hoping to appease users and sop them defecting to magic sea-weed en masse, although both sites have a basic version that is free so most guys and gals I know use both and hope the conditions are better than the most favourable site, divers tend to be 'half full' type people.

I have also taken the plunge and bought a 'go-pro' camera, keep your eyes open as I should have some video cobbled together in the next few months which I hope to append to each dive guide, a bit of a project but interesting I hope!

Right, time to think about the kit I need to get ready for the weekend....my tanks are full so no need to belt down to Aquanauts for a fill but what about cameras and stuff?

Dive safe............RichW

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