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Never mind London Bridge, Seahouses Pier is falling down!

My fair lady!!!

The main outer pier at Seahouses is/was built of large concrete blocks, some think that these were taken from the beach after WW2 and were originally tank traps. However it seems that the structure was built complete with lighthouse in about 1889 so a nice story but maybe not based in fact.

Anyway, the construction method for the pier was large concrete blocks forming walls and the structure in-filled with whatever was at hand, sooooo rubble, sand, dredgings from the harbour, basically whatever was close and broadly suitable, the entire structure was then topped off with a surface suitable for traffic and a 'light-house' bunged at the end. Basically that is the northern side of the harbour wall at Seahouses.

Unfortunately a couple of blocks have worn away and/or been displaced (probably part of the concrete cast foundation), well it must be more than a couple of blocks as the harbour-master confided that you could 'drive a Mark I escort into the hole'! Oh and due to the nature of the infill no-one is quite sure how far the hole goes back and if there is a chimney leading to the outside world through the infill.

It appears that the problem was identified as the lighthouse has taken a bit of a lean to the South-East, not quite Leaning tower of Pisa but noticeable to the naked eye when you are in the harbour.


The End of the Pier and Light-house

So the end of the pier has been closed, although only temporarily to allow contractors to install a bagged section and then pump concrete into the remaining hole. Whilst this will address the hole I am not sure if any work will be done on the light-house, although I suspect not. This may give rise to another tourist attraction to rival our Italian cousins.....or not!

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