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The last 'big' job on my RIB?

Or not......

Not really an update on diving but hey, I was bored and having just organised the job I thought that I would write a little something!!

With a rush of blood to the head I've just bought a 90hp outboard to replace the 70hp Johnson unit which is currently fitted, well it seemed like a good idea at the time an extra 20hp might help and it's easier to run at less than 'balls out', so following a trek to Bournemouth I am now the proud owner of a Belgian made Mariner 90hp three cylinder, two stroke, serial number 9542283!

A little overview, some time ago I purchased a nice avon sea-rider 5.4 complete with trailer etc to use diving around the area, not to run paying trips you understand, it's just easier to dive some of the shore sites from a RIB simply due to the logistics of getting kit to the waters edge (I'm thinking Howick here). The initial purchase was a no brainer, the price was right and at the time I had a company car so the drive to the deepest, darkest, recesses of the Scotish West Coast cost only time.

Since then I have set up the RIB with electronics and all-sorts and ok the sponsons are tatty but they do the job for the moment although I do keep bothering the ancient diver to swap them out over the winter.........

The job is planned in for the first week in September so watch this space regards the job and who knows I might yet manage some late diving from my RIB, although I'll have to loose a pound or two to haul my fetid carcase over the side!

Dive safe!


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