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Time for some winter research

The weather seems to have taken a bit of a turn for the worse so it's time for a little research!

The ancient diver is already scratching his head looking for wrecks and has been talking with some of the 'old boys' to tap into memories of people who 'were there' before it's all hearsay. The most immediately interesting information is the location or perhaps more accurately presence of a couple of planes that would be diveable from the shore.

The first aircraft was rumoured to be a mosquito, it's already known about but the information obtained and the details of recovered 'bits' indicate that it was a Bristol Beaufighter, the clincher being some spark-plugs from the radial engines used on this type of aircraft.

The second is a bit more interesting, a WW2 bomber is reputed to have crash landed somewhere around the inner farne island, for years this was supposed to be a Lancaster bomber but research indicates that it was maybe a USAAF B17 and more importantly it had a name, didn't they all?

The wreck, which was towed by the father of one of the fisherman with him on-board is supposed to be of the airplane 'Old Ironsides', there was a plane of this name, lost at the right time in the North Sea. The casualty figures of two dead also ties up it's just the location that doesn't ring quite true.

The report on the USAAF database details the loss 'off coast of Holland', it also states that the surviving crew and dead were recovered by a British boat. Now in 1943 all of this seems a little unbelieveable, a British boat so close to the coast of occupied Europe? I suspect not and believe the local acount.

Moreover the chap remembers the wreck being intact for quite some time in the shallow water and visible at very low tides. Now we all know that sands move so I will be spending a few dives in the area having a good look about and perhaps dragging a magnotometer over the area to look for any buried anomalies.

If you can keep diving enjoy but don't forget just because the winter is here doesn't mean that your hobby is on hold, soooo.....

Dive safe!


Oh, we are still tring to make time to dive the mark where the more modern RAF jet went down.....





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