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Out and around at Beadnell

What with one thing and another my diving has been curtailed but that doesn't stop me bumbling about..............

The weather has been a bit 'poor for divers' at the weekend, however on a plus side the kite surfers were out in force in Beadnell Bay and with a southerly wind there was little or no chance of any being blown out to sea, now you may laugh but the year before last one poor unfortunate (read silly bugger) was picked up about three miles out from Beadnell Point, well away from any traffic too and from the Farnes. A case of a sharp eyed member of the public spotting a kite on the water and taking it from there.

Although the sea conditions are 'orrible there are a couple of things I did notice, firstly even on-shore the breakers are not coloured, for sure they are full of 'air bubbles' but they are not brown, rather they are a reasonable green/blue colour which means that the water should clear a tide or two after the swell drops. The other thing I noticed was a couple of RIBS being launched at Beadnell for a run out to the Islands diving.......guys the ride out will have been, oh I checked, was horrible and the vis wasn't that good, plus diving was restricted to Blue-Caps / Harcars which whilst good can be a bit vanilla, was it worth it?

On the subject of vis, or should I say I digress! I had a walk along the road at Lady Hole and the vis looked reasonable even in the bad weather, I would say it was just around the 2m mark, again confirming that it will clear up in a crack, hopefully be Wednesday so that all of you keen shore divers can get out there!

Also in lady Hole was a seal, mooching about probably looking for a meal. Ovver the last four to five years there have been an increasing number of seals coming quite close in-shore, mainly along Beadnell Point where there is excellent fishing for them but I have had 'fin pulling' episodes in Knacker Hole and on the South Side of the Point, I don't think that you will ever be able to can a trip to the Islands and seal dive around Beadnell, but it's nice to see that they are coming closer to land and occasionally interacting with divers.

On the fish front both the Ancient Diver and myself are a bit fearful for the chicks hatching this year for the simple reason that we haven't seen the large numbers of small sandeels, I think the first 'bait-ball' of sandeels and mackeral in the water and birds above was spotted on Thursday of last week. What we have seen the birds carrying are 'launce' or greater sandeels, if we cut the technical and taxionomy basically these eels are 1ft long or larger and are obviously much to large for chicks to eat. Perhaps they have been continuing with part digested food and only time will tell if it's been a sucessful breeding season, keep an eye on Andrew Douglas's award winning blog if you are a keen twitcher and he will keep people posted about the bird life.

Well, time to get my dressing looked at again, hey ho!

If you can then dive safe, if you can't then don't!




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