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You rebreather divers best be careful!

Back in my days on the YBoD we often joked about 'lung fluid' in the counterlungs.......

But maybe it should be considered more than it is! This is an interesting article on a topic that impacts more than 'wind instrument' players.


I can vaguely remember that a diver passed away after contracting a lung disease which was picked up from breathing via his BCD in an emergency situation and I have personal experience of a chap up here in the frozen north who nearly died due to a lung infection which was dive related.

If nothing else chaps we really need to make sure that the items we are breathing through are clean, when was the last time you disinfected your regulator? I suspect never but would it be so hard dropping it into a bucket of suitable disinfectant?


Yup, I know that AP diving do soetimes add quite a hefty premium but I am sure you can check out the active ingedients if you are so tight, alternatively £25 isn't too much for peace of mind, is it?

On another point, you will always get some salt water into your BCD, if you don't rinse out with fresh water then salt crystals form, these are hard, significantly harder than the plastic bladder of your BCD and they will eventually rub through causing leaks.

It isn't hard to clean and where appropriate sterilise your kit and we should all do it more often!

Dive safe



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