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Weight and Lead

Since my back operation I have made a concious effort to loose some weight, well I put on a bit leading up to the operation and I got a bit of a shock the other day!

 I'm off to Scapa at the beginning of October and the fates conspired in such a way that my twin-set would be out of test during my holiday week so I had to get it tested and O2 clean, I got it back nice and tested then put everything back together and used it a couple of weekends ago, a steady couple of dives with no issues and all was fine with the exception that I really need to do a dip with my deco bottle strapped on, but that's another issue.

Whilst sorting around in my external 'dive' shed at the weekend I found my V weight.....on checking my rig yup I had forgotten to bolt it in. 

That got me thinking, I have lost about 10kg and I have been able to take 6kg from my weights with no impact to buoyancy control, although I suspect that I have a tad less air in my suit.

So this weekend with my standard 12l rig I took out 2kg and went diving, no problems, I decided to check things out and at 4m with 60bar in the tank I could drop all of the air out of my suit and slowly sink, I guess that means I can take out another 1kg and try that!

I am hoping with another 10kg to go I can get rid of another 2kg from my 12l kit and also dive the twin-set with no additional weight over and above the stainless steel back-plate, now that would be an achievement.

So there you go get a bit of weight off and your lead requirements will also drop significantly, something I'm sure lots of experienced divers know but simply don't adjust for, perhaps we all should do this more often?

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