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Rock, Reef and Pinnacles around Beadnell

I often write about the height of pinnacles and sections of reef on my shore dives.

And I sometimes feel that there are 'unbelievers' when I talk about sections of reef being 3m, 4m or even 6m high.

Well we had some low spring tides recently so I took the opportunity to geta photo of one of the sections of reef at Beadnell Haven.

beadnell reef

Now this isn't by any means one of the 'high' sections and I would say that it is 3m.

If your bear in mind that sections of reef in the intertidal zone are battered on a regular basis as the tide ebbs and flows and think about the pinnacles etc in 12m of water these only get battered when there is a storm in the wrong direction, hence they are taller/bigger call it what you will.

As an aside you can also see why I am quite relaxed about heading 'out' along the bottom of the reef and 'home' along the upper sections, they are effectively two seperate dives and if you are hunting for blue fiends there is no way that you can see the devils that distance above or below your dive profile.

For the photographer the shelves also mask photogenic animals, or at least critters that stay still long enough too allow the vast majority of us to get good shots.....I am thinking lump-suckers early in the season etc.

So there you go, more useless information and random stuff, just remember that with the exception of Shoreston and maybe one or two others all of the reefs tend to tail off in about 12m of water and this is well within shore diving distance, just be careful when diving mid-tide on springs as it can 'push' a bit, watch the seaweed and if it's all bent over in one direction consider your potential actions and.....

Dive safe



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