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Just a couple of links before they disappear into the ether.....

Firstly an article about HMS Vanguard, she exploded at anchor in the flow with the loss of 843 crew-members in 1917. The reason for her loss is usually given as an explosion in a magazine, with divergent theories about the inherent instability of cordite versus cordite stored against a 'hot' bulkhead, whatever the reason she remains on the sea-bed with the remains of her crew with diving restricted.


A secondly have they found one of Priens missing torpedos from his remarkable mission to Scapa Flow which resulted in the loss of HMS Royal Oak and 833 of her crew. Parts of the torpedo which caused the sinking have been recovered but any scholar of the event knows that Prien fired two salvos of torpedos as the first didn't have the necessary outcome!


I find it a little strange that diving on these two vessels, one lost in enemy action and one by tragic accident is restricted whilst divers regularly dive with a 'look don't touch' code on HMS Pathfinder and more worryingly HMS Aboukir, HMS Crecy and HMS Hogue which were sunk in a single action in 1914 at the loss of in the region of 1,450 lives were sold for salvage by the government.........

We do have a strange and inconsistent way of dealing with war graves!

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