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Not all Submarines were lost in deep water!

Although that said if you want to see something that looks 'sub shape' you will need to be 30m+, these images were just released and I thought it was quite interesting!

 At the end of WWI there seemed to be quite a few submarines lost on the British coastline, some were German:


And fortunately people were around to take photos of the stricken vessels and then despite the intervening years dive them and record some details:


My own experience with shallow water submarines is limited to G11 which was sunk at Howick:


To be blunt if you didn't know it was a wrecked submarine then the wreckage wouldn't be obviously identifiable to an untrained eye, it's only when you start looking closely that you see the compressed air cylinders dotted around the site.

So in summary very interesting but if you want to see something that looks like a submarine then the best place to dive is Eyemouth where there are two such vessels just within the range of experienced recreational divers (~45m) which actually look like submarines!

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