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Global warming or one of those things?

For sure there has been a warming of our seas in my lifetime, with triggerfish amongst other warm water weird and wonderfuls appearing of the Southern Coast, the latest visitor was a bit more odd-ball.........

Apparently 'Crocodile Sharks' are deep-water predators and this is the first one seen in the UK


It's deja-vu all over again for me with experts from St Andrews blithely advising that there were no Greenland Sharks maybe two weeks before one washed up, dead at Embleton.

My only thoughts about the latest find is that 'deep-water' is a pretty even temperature so who knows just how wide-spread they are, plus how many are washed up every year in the rest of the world?

That said it would have been a shocker seeing this one on HMS Scylla!

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