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More bits in the jigsaw.....

It is a steady drip-drip finding out details about SS Somali!

Two more bits of information.......................

I was corresponding with a chap who had identified that amongst her cargo SS Somali was carrying ingots of a radioactive isotope, technetium, intersting as these were manufactured at ICI Billingham and were bound for 'Destination unknown, India?'

Technetium is manufactured as a by-product of uranium processing and we know as a 'fact' that ICI at Billingham were involved in the processing of uranium for Operation Tube Alloy

In itself that proves nothing regards my ongoing investigations regards the possible transportation of 3kg of uranium hexafluoride as ordered for Operation Tube Alloy, other than confirming that according to her movement records SS Somali had called at Sunderland the day before she was bombed, I have a copy of her movements record with a copy of the offending page viewable via the attached link.


I guess these new snippets reconfirm that SS Somali did indeed call at Sunderland which is now a known rather than a conjecture and that she had picked up 'some' radioactive material, a by-product of Uranium processing. Does this mean that the missing 3kg was on-board SS Somali? Well we are no nearer a definitive answer, but everything that is uncovered would tend to back up the theory.

Hey ho I shall keep grubbing about to see what I can find out!

Dive safe (that means a lead suit guys!)


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