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Worth risking your life for?

On Saturday there were a couple of divers lost and found......

I have attached the link from a local paper:


Looking at the information and taking everything at face value....... these divers would have been due out at about 11:15 and with the 'top of the tide' at about 13:00 in theory the Harcars would have been ok to dive with the prevailing flood tide, if you either know what to do or have been told.

However as you can read from the article and I was up in the area, the sea conditions were foul with none of the hard-boats running out from Seahouses and no trips of twitchers. In these conditions spotting divers from Mhara Mor can be a pig and we sit maybe 2.5m higher than RIBs standing at deck level.....we also work in conjunction with other dive boats with either ourselves or colleagues sitting just off any tidal flow watching for divers.

I think that twice last year we had divers who didn't know what they were doing and surfaced behind islets being taken back to their RIB where in one case they were frantically searching and in the other they weren't.........

Back to the case in question, they have probably gone to far and picked up the last of the flood running through Piper Gut, this would take them down past the Wamses and then the tide through the gap between Brownsman and Wamses would be negligible and you are then into the Pinnacles and Staple Island where in the prevailing conditions I am guessing that the waves were bouncing them in towards the cliffs where you ain't climbing out! 

Again it's all based on supposition and I am sure that the Ancient Diver will manage to get more details.

Strangely enough less than 24 hours later and the sea conditions were fine and the hard-boats were running, I wonder if the divers went in for round II?

It really isn't worth risking life and limb for UK dives so if it looks bad check and see what the hard boat operators are doing and make a call for your own diving based on these local experts and please......

Dive safe!



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