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Zen again.......or more lobster whispering!

Having had more time to consider my series of articles on lobster whispering here are some more thoughts and jottings.....

In part one of the guide I talked about some does and don't, with No 3 being don't put more than one lobster per bag......unless you used the carabiner method outlines in part two. Talking with the Ancient Diver he used or should that be uses a different method, the kelp method.

The kelp method? Read on.........

Basically whenever you bag a lobster put a bit of kelp frond into the bag and the lobster uses this almost as a comfort blanket and it stops the crushing which does happen when you put a few blue fiends in a bag.In discussions it does work with one of his memorable dives long ago including the taking of sixteen yup 16 lobsters from one particular area of the Hopper. All into a single bag, all with kelp and no damage to any of them.

Now of course none of this is valid here in the North East as the regulations only allow you to take a single lobster a dive plus crabs, on the subject of mixing shellfish in the same bag the advice is simple, don't! You can put multiple crabs in a bag and expect only light damage to the legs as the edible crab is a much more robust creature than the lobster, but put a crab and lobster in together and there will only be one of them damaged and he's blue! You could try the carabiner method if you want but I simply use a second bag there is much less risk of damage to the shellfish or my fingers this way.

Ah and back onto regulations, these have changed and each diver on a boat can now take a single lobster plus various other bits but critically the bye-law about tracability remains..................


What do I mean by tracability, well should you attempt to take a lobster and it sheds a claw, well firstly shame on you, but secondly you can't just keep the claw, the laws are quite clear if you have a claw/pair of claws you must also have the rest of the lobster to demonstrate that it is over-size, the claws must have a provenance and whilst you may get some tutting you won't get a fine.

So what do you do? It is years since I have had a lobster shed a claw on me so it's hard to put a plan straight into place. If it was a big 'un then I would spend the time necessary to get it out and bagged for the simple reason that big 'uns may take seasons between shedding so it would probably never get a useful claw to grow back. This loss of a claw would obviously reduce it's effectiveness in the hunt for food and probably lead to it's death, so if it was big and had shed a claw I wouldn't be too concerned if it shed the other whilst I was extracting it as the kid gloves would be off but extracted it would be!

For a smaller fiend that was just over the limit I would be more relaxed about leaving alone as these smaller lobbies shed a couple of times a year and are very active feeders and growers, whilst the claw might appear slightly undersize for four or five shedding cycles eventually it would be back to 'normal'.

So that's it just a thought on multiple lobbies in a bag and an update on the changes to bye-laws in out marine zone, so don't get caught out with your quotas and 'bits' guys and....

Dive safe





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