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Rule changes for the North East

If you are a 'hunter-gatherer' then read on!!

Regulars will know that I recently wrote about a rule change by the fisheries board which meant that each diver on a boat could land a single lobster if it was over the size limit and not a female which had been 'V' notched to demonstrate that she was a known breeder.

Well things have changed!

Whilst you can still land your lobbie if she is a berried female then she must not be landed and should be left alone, so it's immaterial if she is "V' notched or not.....

Berries = Put back

It seems that this change was enacted in our area almost in solidarity with the rest of England where lobster stocks are falling in some area, the published data indicates that there was an 83% acceptance of the rule change in the entire English fishery although I suspect the 17% of dissenters were mainly in the North East where there are huge amounts of lobbies!

Whilst I can see divers, if they do take, sticking to the rule I think some of the more...... erm..... traditional(?) potters may resort to scraping the eggs off berried hens to circumnavigate the ban, although I hope not.

Personally I don't take berried lobsters, it's a bit of a moral thing about protecting the fishery but I have no real issue with guys who do take them, however this bye-law means that they are now 'safe'.

I don't know if there will be updates posted at dive sites, I hope so, I only found out as I am in regular correspondence with the fisheries chaps on various issue.

That's it for the moment, soooooo

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