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Once you have one of the blue fiends there is a new dilemma....

Well a dilemma according to the BBC, so it must be true, yeah?

So assuming that you have scragged and bagged according to the lobster whisperer.....


How are you going to kill/cook your lobster?

I have always used one of three ways depending on how you intend to eat you quarry..... if you intend to eat the meat in a salad or similar then it's a plunge into hot water..... if its going to be BBQ'd then a big knife and cut in half.... if it's paella then freeze, thaw and de-shell.

But apparently apart from the last one these aren't 'nice', to be blunt the only dilemma I have had on the boiling method is the discussions about putting it into boiling water and boiling up from cold, the Ancient Diver swears by cold whilst I prefer hot but it's all down to making sure that the lobbie doesn't shed it's claws as the meat is 'boiled out'!


More of a question would be crabs as these hardy buggers seem to be scratching at the pan lid after they have been in the hot stuff for five minutes!

As an aside the blue fiends don't 'scream' they have no lungs or vocal cords, having boiled up thousands I have never heard it and think that the probable reason is that you have aquired a non-too fresh lobster that is just to say alive and some of the body cavities have been drained of water and are full of air, when air get's hot it expands and will 'whistle' out of the various holes in the lobbies exoskeleton, it seems a reasonable and scientific explanation!

It's still a bit iffy, but if you get out then....

Dive safe


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