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The never ending squabbling over commercial scallop dredging

The scallop industry is big business, so for that reason there are always squabbles and posturing over commercial fishing!

So when a devolved authority on Isle of Man decides to manage their fishing grounds cue an outcry from the disenfranchised Scottish fishermen......


Now personally I am all for controlling the dredging of scallops, well to be honest I'd ban it, so the Manx government taking this step has to be a good 'thing', and to be honest the protestations of the Rural Economy Secretary, Fergus Ewing hold even less weight when you check his maths..... It's worth £3million..... It will cost 300 jobs.... Well assuming that all of the money goes to the fishermen with nothing for fuel, boats, dredging gear, etc then they are £10,000 per annum jobs, so to be honest not worth having bearing in mind the risks involved!

As usual the Scottish associations complain that they can self regulate and there is no need to apply the weight of the law to regulate their activities, however I would argue that whilst there are some commercial fishermen who take care there are far to many instances of wanton vandalism in the pursuit of profits....



This is just one instance and seems to demonstrate that these guys can't self regulate!

You have to bear in mind that scallops are a high cost commodity, way back in the dim and distant I used to flog em at £1.60 a pop for genuine hand-dived scallops and then was as the entire animal and not just the cleaned, edible portion. At these prices it only takes a couple of 'pirates' and you have trashed sea-bed.

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