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I post regular updates on 'lobbie laws' you have been warned!

I keep in close contact with the local fisheries chaps to make sure that I am abreast of the regulations, because breaking them can be very expensive!

You might think that should you try and take a lobbie that you shouldn't then you will just be told to put it back and don't do it again, well guys and gals that simply isn't the case as a recent prosecution proved!


So that is £3,750.00 for trying to take ten (10) undersize lobsters, wow!

The problem might be the 'back story'......


It appears that the guy in question, despite claiming ignorance of both size limits and quantities works as a commercial shellfish diver on the West Coast of Scotland, now before we get too engrossed he may simply dive scallops but even with this work he must be aware of size limits, even if he doesn't know the nuances of quantities?

This may account for some of the high costs with the prosecution running to £1,700, I guess that they looked at his claims, then googled him and decided to throw the book, which may or may not be a good thing.

In summary if you are diving in Northumberland YOU are allowed one lobster provided it is over the size limit, it is not 'soft', is not carrying eggs (berried) and does not have a notched or mutilated tail, which indicates that it's a breeding female. The big positive change is that now it is one lobster per diver and not the old regulation of one lobster per boat.

I did write an article updating the changes and also make sure that anyone that I dive with is aware, ditto skippers.


The bye-laws are there for a reason, if they are outdated then make a fuss but if you disregard then you could be hit hard, very hard in the pocket.

You have been warned!

Dive safe


Oh, as an aside I have never heard of lobster hooks being referred to as cleeking sticks, but I guess that everyday is an education!


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